Pick Rick!

Pick Rick because Rick is…

Small Business and Senior Friendly
An IT Consultant w/Broad Sill Set
Does One-on-One Coaching
Has 30+ Years Experience
Fair and Reasonable Pricing
Helps Technology Make Sense

Pick Rick to help you:


Pick Rick to teach you how to make sense of your computer and use the Internet. These sessions are scheduled by the hour, and most people begin with only a few sessions.


Pick Rick to build your WordPress Website for you, or you can build it yourself using the free resources on Rick’s website. These projects can be pretty intense for the first week or two. Subsequent weeks may only need a few hours of effort in the whole week.


Pick Rick when you’re ready to create and post videos on the Internet for yourself or for your business! You may need only an hour or two to set your course; you may want Rick in on your whole project.


Pick Rick to hone your entrepreneurial skills. His real world business experience will lead you to develop a grow a business. The first few months together will be focused on your success.


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